Newest Pokemon Revolution Online Bot Cheats 2023

Pokemon Revolution Online Hack Bot

Why spend hours in front of your computer just to catch Pokemon when you can use our PRO bot to do it automatically and without any work? You just need to choose the Pokemon you want to catch and press the Start button. The rest, like running, meeting, fighting, and catching Pokemon, will be done by our bot. You can do other things while our bot works. When you come back, you’ll see a list of the Pokemon you want. It sounds cool, doesn’t it?

You will never get banned because our bot can hide from the game’s algorithm. Besides that, our bot has many other great features. We have the only Bot for Pokemon Revolution Online that is completely external, reliable, and packed with features to make grinding less boring. You won’t find another bot like us anywhere.

What’s holding you back? You don’t have to pay anything to use our Pokemon Revolution Online Bot. Just keep reading to find out how to get our PRO Mod.

PRO Bot Features

  1. Auto-catching pokemon.
  2. Increase Shiny rate hack.
  3. 100% catch rate hack.
  4. Auto-complete tasks.
  5. Leveling bot.
  6. Battle bot.
  7. Farm bot.
  8. Auto fight trainers.
  9. Show battle NPCs.
  10. Show neutral NPCs.
  11. Freeze NPCs.
  12. Anti AFK.
  13. Auto chat.
  14. Speed hack.
  15. Click to move.

How To Get Pokemon Revolution Online Bot?

  1. Click on the above button.
  2. Choose your platform (PC or Android) and press Start Download.
  3. Upon download completion, just install the bot and you will see the mod menu when you open the game. Happy playing!

Pokemon Revolution Online Review

What is Pokemon Revolution Online?

Pokemon Revolution Online (PRO) is an MMORPG like the Pokemon games made by Nintendo. In particular, the game lets players choose from different hairstyles, hair colors, skin tones, base outfits, and outfit colors for each gender.

PRO has its own story, which includes Jesse, James, Cassidy, and other characters from the anime. It also takes place in the Sevii Islands and all four regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. This makes the world so big that you can’t shake a Sudowoodo without hitting a trainer, a Pokemon, or another player.

How to Play Pokemon Revolution Online?

When you start, the first thing you’ll do is choose a Pokemon to start your journey with. After you choose your starting point, you’ll be dropped into the game world, and it’ll be up to you to make your own adventures from there. The first few minutes of the game may be hard, but as you play more, you’ll figure out how to do things on your own.

In the game, there are many places to explore, and each has its own unique Pokemon that players can catch and add to their collection. In addition to all of this, the game has standard features like the ability to trade Pokemon, Pokemon Centers inside the game, Gym Battles, and a few other things.

Pokemon Revolution Online wouldn’t be a real Pokemon MMO if it didn’t have PvP features, and we’re happy to say that the PvP features in this game are some of the best we’ve seen in an MMO of this type. You can challenge other players from anywhere in the world to full-fledged Pokemon battles in which your Pokemon go up against theirs. The live matches are pretty intense, and they always go off without a hitch because the game’s technology is so good.

How to Get Pokemon Revolution Online?

Once you’ve downloaded Pokemon Revolution Online, you won’t be limited in any way in how much you can enjoy it because it’s free to play. Here is where you can get it: PRO Download.


Pokemon Revolution Online bot can help you catch any Pokemon you want without much effort. It will definitely increase your gaming experience. We hope you have a great time with Pokemon Revolution Online.